Sixth Grade Research Project

We will start this project by learning how to evaluate web sites. ()
Then, you will go to 2 chosen web sites to compare and evaluate.
Click here to complete the website evaluation activity.

Also, check out these web sites on evaluating information.

Criteria for Evaluating Web Sites
Write Source web site
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3

For every web site you use that is not a site found on the library’s page, you will be responsible for filling out a web site evaluation form.
We will evaluate a web site in class that you may use if we find it to be a trustworthy site.

Go to your Google Account and sign into the classroom with the code given to you by your teacher/Ms. Reading.
Here, you will find all the information you need about the project. Your writing should be done in Google Drive and shared with your teacher/Ms. Reading.
You will be taking your notes and creating your Works Cited/Bibliography in NoodleTools.

Learn to Research from OSLIS

Each of your sources will need to be documented in a Works Cited page. Click here for Works Cited help.

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