Chinese Artifacts
British Musuem Ancient China Artifacts
Brisith Museum Imperial China Artifacts
Ancient China at the British Museum

The Franklin Institute
A Chinese House at the Peabody Essex Museum

The Takla Makan Mummies at Nova
China's Mystery Mummies
A Visual Sourcebook of Chinese Civilization

Art and Literature
Chinese Folktales

Chinese Fables

Chinese Music

Chinese Art

Chinese Art at the Smithsonian

Geography and Important Places

Scenic Places in China

Religion and Ancestor Worship



Dynasties and Government

University of Maryland-Chinese Dynasties

Portraits of Chinese Emperors-- click on Emperors in the list on the left

History of China at

University of Maryland site - History of China

Portraits of Chinese Emperors

Timeline of Chinese History at the Metropolitan Museum

Contributions and Inventions
Chinese Inventions-Papermaking, Printing, Gunpowder, Compass

Ancient Chinese Technology-a ThinkQuest site, with many topics .

Chinese Inventions at

Chinese Inventions

Amazing Chinese Accomplishments

Important People
Biographies of Chinese Emperors
Other Sites that cover a variety of topics
Kidipede-- All About Ancient China
Ancient China at the British Museum
China the Beautiful- covers many topics

Ancient China

Ancient China

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