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Kids' History- Ancient Egypt for Kids

Ancient Egypt at the British Museum-
be sure to try the Challenge at each topic. They are interactive and fun!

Mr. Dowling's Page about Egypt

Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
Digital Egypt ( this may be hard to read, lots of information!)

The Egyptians at BBC (lots of interactives)

National Gallery of Art: Egypt: Quest for Immortality

Ancient Egypt Kids' Collection

Fun Stuff at Neferchichi's Tomb

Mr. Donn's Egypt Page

Ancient Egyptian Farming

Daily Life (St. Petersburg Times)

The Nile River

How Stuff Works- Nile River

Art and Architecture

Pyramids and Temples

National Geographic: Explore the Pyramids

Nova: Explore the Pyramids

Make a Model of the Pyramids

Geography and Important Places
Theban Mapping Project

The Great Sphinx

Religion, Gods and Goddesses
Ancient Egypt Lives-Egyptian Gods & Religion


You wouldn't Want to be a Mummy

How to Make a Mummy (National Geographic)

The Mummification Process ( British Museum)

Gods and Goddesses

Animals and the Gods

Chart of Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt

Science Math and Medicine
Just What the Doctor Ordered

Egyptian Mathematics

Important People
PBS: The Great Pharoahs


Ramesses I

Achievements of Ancient Egypt

Paper (Papyrus)


Zoos and Parks