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Famous Mathematicians

You can also go to Biography Reference Center on and type in your Mathematician's name or Mathematicians for a list of mathematicians.

Famous Women Mathematicians

Female Mathematicians


Mathematicians at

Index of Mathematicians' Biographies at St. Andrews University

Math Activites for Students

Exploring the area of a triangle

Math Central-- resources for teachers and students

Figure This! take the math challenge

Purple Math ---for help with algebra math activities about many topics.
Math Playground
Links to specific lessons

Estimating the number of cars in a parking lot.

Grid it and Percent It

Developing Number Sense

Professional Organizations
Illuminations Lesson Plans by the NCTM
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Education Planet
Math Forum from Drexel University
Geometry and Measurement
Circles, Diameter, Radius and Pi
Translations, Reflections, Rotation

Data and Graphing Lessons
Alphabet Soup- Recognizing the Mean, Mode and the Median
Every Breath You Take
Eat Your Veggies- using a variety of graphs
Representing Data- applying data to real

world situations
Weather Watchers- stem leaf plots

Algebraic Reasoning- Patterns and Functions
Patterns that Grow
Two Problems that can be Solved in Several Different Ways
Sets and Venn Diagrams