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Search Engines

Search Engines
SweetSearch is a Search Engine for Students.
It searches only the 35,000 Web sites that our staff of research experts and librarians and teachers have evaluated and approved when creating the content on
findingDulcinea. We constantly evaluate our search results and "fine-tune" them, by increasing the ranking of Web sites from organizations such as the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, PBS and university Web sites.
SweetSearch helps students find outstanding information, faster. It enables them to determine the most relevant results from a list of credible resources, and makes it much easier for them to find primary sources. We exclude not only obvious spam sites, but also marginal sites that read well, but lack academic or journalistic rigor. As importantly, the very best Web sites that are often buried on other search engines appear on the first page of SweetSearch results.

KiddleKidrexDK Find Out
**Google** Provides easy access to more than 3 billion web pages. Google features an easy-to-use interface, advanced search technology, and a comprehensive array of search tools for accessing online information.

Answers.com- Answers.com marries the best of community-driven questions and answers with hundreds of respected and trusted editorial reference books. The site knows the best answer to give you, whether it summons the expansive, ever-growing collection of community answers from WikiAnswers, or it taps into its ReferenceAnswers database, a comprehensive set of editorial, licensed reference topics.
Ask- Founded as Ask Jeeves in 1996 and re-named Ask.com in 2005, Ask.com has spent the last 15 years committed to its mission of increasing personal knowledge by empowering people with answers.
We think the best way to deliver on this promise is to give our users a service that makes it fun, easy and satisfying to ask and answer everyday questions, be they personal or professional, serious or silly, easy or difficult.

KartOO ranks among the most powerful search engines. For each query the metasearch engine compiles a comprehensive selection of websites and sorts them by relevancy with the use of proprietary algorithms. KartOO assists users in finding the most appropriate website for a given query without delay. The outstanding quality and relevancy of KartOO’s results page is produced by our semi-automated validation process.
Our constant efforts to provide users with the most accurate results are also made possible with the support of a team of editors who check the quality of each website listed in our index. This refines the relevancy between the query and the results page to an unequalled level.
Our mission is to make the discovery of information faster, easier, and more relevant. We’ve been doing it since 1996. Now, with about 100 distribution partners and proven relationships with Google, Yahoo!, Ask, and Windows Live Search, InfoSpace is uniquely equipped to be a leader in the rapidly growing Internet search market.
From one search query, we provide you with results from up to 10 search engines and pay-per-click directories, including Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, LookSmart, About and Open Directory.