What is a "Works Cited"? It is a list of all of the sources you used to find information on a topic. A Works Cited must be formatted in a very specific way, usually in the MLA (Modern Language Association) format. In order to create a Works Cited, you must remember to get certain information from the source, such as author's name, title of book or web site, publisher, city or publication, year of publication/date of web site update. See this Excel form for a guide of source information needed. Refer to the links below to help you to format your own Works Cited page.

These online forms will format your Works Cited properly. Just be sure you have all of the appropriate source information.

Noodle Tools

Citation Maker

Thess sources explains what a Works Cited is and how to incorporate parenthetical citations:

Purdue Online Writing Lab

EasyBib parenthetical citation instructions
for web sites: